Purchase and License Information

What is the difference between the different types of licenses (OTF, Web, App)?

Desktop License (OTF) allows usage of the font software. Anyone who installs a font on their computer needs this license. A single license can be used by a single entity (e.g. a company or a designer) and is limited to installing the software on up to 2 computers, all of which must be located in the same geographical location.
Webfont License (Web) allows the buyer to embed the font as live text on an internet website. This type of license must be registered under the name of the website’s owner, and can be used on a single website (domain) with no more than 1 million monthly page views.
Application License (App) allows the user to embed the font in an application or computer software. This license can be used in one application or computer software with up to 50k installations.

How many computers can the Desktop License fonts I purchased be installed on?

A single Desktop License can be installed on up to 2 computers. In order to install AlefAlefAlef fonts on more than 2 computers, you must purchase additional licenses for as many computers as needed.

How many locations can the Desktop License fonts I purchased be installed in?

A single Desktop License is limited to one physical location (studio, office, basement, etc.), with one mailing address. If you wish to use the fonts in more than one location, you must purchase licenses for each additional location.

Can I try out the fonts before I purchase them?

Contact us via our contact form or e-mail! We usually say yes.

Is it safe to shop on the AlefAlefAlef website?

We will never give your details to any third party, nor will we allow this to happen. The AlefAlefAlef website uses the most secure SSL payment system. If you don’t happen to be a fan of typing your credit card details into virtual forms, you can always send us a cheque or money transfer, just like in the good ol’ days.

The AlefAlefAlef Purchase Policy

Prices displayed on the AlefAlefAlef website do not include VAT. If you are not an Israeli citizen you do not have to add VAT.
Fonts may be returned up to one month from the day of purchase (provided they have not been used) in exchange for a full refund, minus a 5% cancellation fee. Fonts purchased on sale may be exchanged up to one month from the day of purchase, but no refund will be given. Fonts purchased prior to a sale may not be exchanged or returned during a sale.
Unless otherwise stated, the font license is listed under the buyer of the font. Should you purchase fonts for a third party, please state so during your purchase.

Our Shopping Policy

Fonts are sold for their full catalogue price.
We accept the following offline payment options: PayPay, Bitcoin and SWIFT bank transfers.

Technical Information About Our Fonts

How do I install the fonts on my computer?

Type “fonts” in the start menu, or navigate to Start > Control Panel > Appearance and Personalization > Fonts
Select all of the OTF files you’d like to install and drag them to your Fonts file

Select all of the OTF files you’d like to install and double click them
The Font Book app will open with a preview of your fonts
Click the “Install” button

About AlefAlefAlef

What does AlefAlefAlef mean?

Alef is the first letter in the Hebrew alphabet. It holds a lot of meaning regarding the history of writing and the Hebrew language. Alef is groundbreaking, almost humanly sensual, and bursting with life. It’s so beautiful we want to cry, and whenever we encounter it, our hearts beat faster. Yes, as you may have noticed - we are utterly, hopelessly in love with the letter Alef, so we decided to name ourselves with not one, but three whole Alefs!

Interested in displaying and selling fonts you’ve designed on AlefAlefAlef?

If you’ve created a Hebrew font (or fonts) you think would work well with our philosophy, if you’re a dedicated designer who seriously wishes to develop your typefaces, don’t hesitate to contact us. We’re always looking for creative and original high-level fonts. Sounds about right? Send us a PDF displaying your font (or fonts). fonts{at}alefalefalef.co.il

The Newsletter

How can I stay up-to-date about sales and new fonts?

About once every two months we distribute our newsletter with awesome sales, new font updates and just interesting, fun things; most of our sales are exclusive to our newsletter subscribers. Any one of you can sign up to receive a free personal subscription: all you need to do is type in your email address on this page and wait patiently for the newsletter to be delivered straight to your inbox at the beginning of every month. Important: our subscribers’ email addresses are personal information we will only use for the newsletter subscription; we will never distribute them to third parties. Other than that, every newsletter we send includes a link that allows you to cancel your subscription (but obviously you wouldn’t wanna do that, because the newsletter’s hot).

How can I subscribe to the newsletter?

Simply type in your details on this page.