*All fonts on this page are available for free download! You may use these fonts in your projects: print, app and web. Some fonts have usage restrictions, so it’s very important you read the license of every font you download: the license type is specified next to each font, alongside an explanation about the license.

A few simple rules for using our free fonts: (unless otherwise specified)

  • The license is given to the person who downloaded the font or the company/entity they represent. A company/entity or person may not use multiple licenses.
  • Unless otherwise specified, our fonts are not to be distributed without our explicit permission. If you wish for someone else to have the font - refer them to the font download page on our website.
  • If other weights exist for a certain font and do not appear on this page, it means that they are not free.
  • We do not provide support services for free fonts. All the information you need is on our FAQ page.





Varela Round

A rounded font available for download on Google Fonts. This bilingual (Hebrew and English) font has a young, fun look. This font maintains its quality in every text size - whether for large display titles or small text, Varela Round is fully compatible with both print and digital display. The Hebrew letters were designed by Avraham Cornfeld and the English letters were designed by Joe Prince.

License: SIL Open Font License
• File size: 43kb
• Format: TTF

Download Varela Round




Dana Yad

A hebrew script font is based on the light, graceful handwriting of the designer Dana Nof.

License: free font license
• File size: 103kb
• Format: OTF, WOFF, EOT

Download Dana Yad




Gveret Levin

A handwriting (script) font based on the flowing handwriting of Gili Levin. Digitized by Shavit Yaacov.

License: free font license
• File size: 86kb
• Format: OTF, TTF, WOFF, EOT

Download Gveret Levin



Yiddishkeit Bold

This rough classical display typeface was inspired by the titles of 1940’s Yiddish newspapers printed in movable type. The original font was designed in 19th century Eastern Europe, and is a narrow variation of square Ashkenazi fonts of the Drogo-Vilna style. The Yiddishkeit font comes in three weights: regular, bold (the free weight) and heavy. This version includesthe bold weight only and includes letters, numbers, niqqud, glyphs and full Yiddish and Hebrew support.

License: free font license
• May be used as webfont in exchange for credit and a link in the footer
• File size: 196kb
• Format: OTF, WOFF, EOT

Download Yiddishkeit Bold




Atzmaut 67

In honor of Israel’s 67th independence day, we’ve set you up with a major hit - a clipart set of useful graphics! This set includes nostalgic objects, hip decorative elements, characters, old time logos and more. A total of 67 Israeli symbols, collected by some of our finest designers.
Because nowadays things aren’t as they used to be in the good ol’ days and because we’re crazy about your serif, we’ve decided to release this set as a holiday gift. Have fun!

Free license with a disclaimer: The Atzmaut 67 icons were created for educational and research purposes and are based on images scanned from old materials. Some may be protected by copyrights. This set is available for personal use and educational purposes. Should anyone wish to use this for commercial purposes, it is their responsibility to make sure the symbol they wish to use is not protected by copyright.
• File size: 1.9MB
• Format: EPS

Download the Atzmaut 67 Set





This icon set was designed by Nadav Barkan (Kapara Alav) for the Mizrahim exhibition in Holon, 2013. The set includes some very stigmatic icons which you are free to use as you please. Yalla tfad'l.

License: CC Attribution-ShareAlike 2.5
• File size: 182kb
• Format: EPS

Download the Mizrahim Set



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