Q&A: Guy Tamam

Today on our Q&A section, we’ve met with designer Guy Tamam, the owner of a design studio specializing (among other things) in lettering and calligraphy

Guy Tamam graduated from Wizo Haifa Academy of Design, and from there went on to work in different design studios before opening his own independent studio for branding and calligraphy. Guy tells us how dealing with calligraphy became a meaningful part of his work:
“It’s always been clear to me that being just a graphic designer wasn’t enough, and one of my projects happened to demand a solution that forced me to learn some calligraphy I quickly realized how fascinated I was with calligraphy: it’s beautiful, it has unique work tools, the learning curve is interesting and most importantly, it includes paper and ink. This hobby turned into an almost full-time profession, the work allowing me to search for a different approach, authenticity and surprising solutions. I undoubtedly enjoy starting the day with a bottle of ink far more than I enjoy turning on the computer.”
Guy shares his passion for the written word with us, as we’ve long been interested in knowing more about his work process. This is what he had to tell our Q&A section:


When I first started learning calligraphy, I noticed that the eye develops criticism much faster than your abilities, and so each time I progressed, the very next day it would already seem really lousy to me.


I enjoy every kind of drumming beat, but a big band drum solo, Buddy Rich style, is my favorite.


Fish eggs with lemon, almonds and a sip of ricard all at once. That’s the taste of Friday at my parents’ house after going to the beach.


When I was a kid, I loved the smell of black exhaust fume coming off of buses. Fortunatey that stage has passed, but I still have an urge to smell everything, especially ink and paper.


Feeling my son, Yair, crawling under our blanket in the middle of the night.

Shape + Color (e.g. green circle)

Black square, in its supermatistic fashion.


Two links that somehow complete one another:
This is a 37-minute documentary on how to observe things. A definite must-see:
This website is no longer up-to-date, but he is the kind of photographer that makes me wish I were a photographer myself:


Tsadi, I think it’s the most difficult letter to write without having it come out looking weird, plus it shares a lot with the letter Alef – only without its glory.


Zwischenzug. This is a German word that describes a lovely chess technique – instead of making a move you must do anyway (like take down your opponent’s piece), you wait it out and make a different move that forces your opponent to react. This way, you block your opponent or gain an advantage on them. Also very useful in real life.


He that observeth the wind shall not sow; and he that regardeth the clouds shall not reap.
(Ecclestastes, Chapter 11, Verse 4)


Foodi by ‬Yanek Iontef. It’s an absolute workhorse, elegant and smart. Just like its creator.
Also, ‬The Sans by Lucas de Groot.

Sleep Hours

Will be dramatically reduced in a few months.


Strong and black, three times a day.


My studio, I have fun there.




I may have been born in October, but I prefer December in general, I particularly love December evenings, it’s my favorite time of year. Feels like Europe in Israel.



Desert Island

I’d probably take a boat. I wasn’t made for this whole quiet thing.


I usually don’t even get there, so I thought it would be appropriate to put Pluto on my desktop, along with the plans to create my new website.

Frequently Used Emojis

I swear I’ve never used any of these: emoji.