As in previous years, we will be awarding Awards of Excellence in 2017, in order to promote and encourage work in the field of Hebrew typography and language

This year, in addition to our Awards of Excellence, we will be awarding three additional awards for excellence in graphic design. The awards will be rewarded to students in their final year of school, on the verge of independence.

Participation is open to all students from Visual Communication departments across the country (BA degree). There is no need to apply or fill out forms. During the 2017 Graduate Exhibitions - we will go through all of the projects, and alongside a special team of judges, we will select the best and most interesting projects. This year’s awards include:

Award of Excellence - For the promotion and encouragement of creative work and research in the field of typography and Hebrew language in the year 2017.

This year, a sum of 5,000 NIS towards the purchase of Alefalefalef fonts will be awarded to one student whose work deals with the Hebrew language: language preservation, history, development, Hebrew fonts, etc.

5 Awards for Commendable Graphic Design

A special judges’ committee will select the three final projects that use typography in the best, most clever way (not necessarily using Alefalefalef fonts). These three students will receive a usage license to a font family of their choice.

If you do not own our fonts and are interested in using our font library in your academic projects, send us a message with your information (name, school and year) and we will e-mail you our entire font library for experimental use, allowing you to use the fonts in your academic projects.

The special announcements about the winners - will be published towards the end of the seniors’ exhibitions, right here in the Alefalefalef magazine.

Good luck on everyone’s final project critiques,
The AlefAlefAlef Team

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