We’ve helped many companies translate their brand values into customized Hebrew and Latin fonts. Consistent use of customized fonts can help increase a brand’s visual identity. These fonts are made for companies, brands and corporations that have a need for a unique, original font that communicates their values, brand and content. The fonts we design are accompanied by special licenses - from unlimited exclusivity to time-limited exclusivity - according to the company’s needs.

A partial list of companies that use our fonts

Our typography services include:

  • Design and development of customized fonts in various languages
  • Design and development of customized glyphs and keyboard layout
  • Font optimization for different media
  • Adding multilingual support to existing fonts
  • Typographic consulting
  • Adding OpenType features to existing fonts (e.g. niqqud, ligatures, etc.)
  • Special conversion and expansion of font support for various platforms

If you need advice on choosing the right font to communicate the values of your company or brand, or if you need a brand new font to go with your brand’s graphic language, do not hesitate to contact us.

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So far, we’ve designed customized fonts for several leading international brands, including:


This four-weight Latin font supports over 120 languages. The font includes special characters, alternative characters and OpenType features, and was designed by us for exclusive use by Fisher-Price international, with which we worked directly.




Burger King

This Hebrew font was designed for Burger King Israel in order to be used alongside the international company’s Latin font. The Take Away font includes three weights, full niqqud and various alternative characters. This project was created for McCann Israel, which managed the franchise’s positioning process and entrance into the Israeli market.






The Hebrew letters for the Latin font Varela Round were designed by us especially for the Google Fonts library. It’s a clean, simple typeface with rounded corners that give it a young, pleasant look. This font maintains its quality in every text size - whether for large display titles or small text, Varela Round is fully compatible with both print and digital display. This font can be downloaded for free on our free font page.