Gibberish – Exhibition of 58 Poster at Old Jaffa

Poster Exhibition at Old Jaffa's street gallery, showcasing the works of 58 talented designers

Gibberish is a phrase that denotes a meaningless sequence of letters and words, and is essentially the first language of all children worldwide. At a time when every message must be clear, concise and unambiguous, we wanted to revert to a time before speech, to mumbling, to plays on words and the freedom of senselessness.

In the exhibition, we invited a range of designers and artists to design a new garbled Hebrew language. To select one or more letters that would then be used to display a new perspective on the concept of gibberish. The artists come from the broad spectrum of visual communication: graphic design, calligraphy, photography, illustration, etc. Each of the works presents their unique perspective on gibberish, and particularly on language and communication.

The Gibberish posters exhibition is on display throughout the spring of 2023, in the light-boxes gallery along the alleys of Old Jaffa. The Old Jaffa Development Corporation aims to create an inspiring cultural space that incorporates unique art. The Light boxes gallery in the alleys creates a natural and accessible meeting point with artists. We are delighted to host the top creative talent in Israel’s art and design community.


Aviv Malky, Ofir Liberman, Ortal Feldhaim, Ori Toor, Orit Magia, Itai Raveh, Alon Bonder, Emily Theodore, Efi Kishon, Ariel Adler, Ariel Tayeb, Ben Riback, Bentzi Binder, Gavriel Yawitz, Gayane Gasparyan, Dana Elkis, Daniel Grumer, Daniel Nahum, Daniel Sweed, Dekel Hevroni, , Ziv Schneider, Teddy Cohen, Yuval Haker, Jasmine Nackash, Yael Ofir, Yael Bodasher, Yaar Benvenisti, Lior Ben Zaken, Lilach Moskovitz, Maya Ish-Shalom, Meital Shapiro, Malka Klein, Mati Kalter, Matan Shalita, Noa Beyo, Netta Ben Tal, Neta Cohen, Noa Tarlovsky, Noam Benatar, Noam Noy, Suzan Bley, Sapir David, Adi Ayali, Adi Baron, Omer Beit Halachmi, Omer Zimmerman, Ido Grinberg, Anat Gutberg, Anat Gutman, Eran Yona, Paul Curran, Peleg Eshed, Roni Levi, Raz Tzur, Rakefet Kenaan, Sagi Carmi, Shani Ivgi, Sharon Israel

Curator: Avraham Cornfeld

Exhibition open 24/7, free entry.

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