Jon Siva’s Collection of El Al Items

Jon has one of the most impressive nostalgic collections of El Al airline memorabilia

Jon Siva, a student at the University of Coventry who’s pursuing a degree in aviation (naturally), collects all things related to Israeli airline El Al. Jon's collection is so vast – around 3,000 items – that it has its own Facebook page.

This obsessive collection started thanks to Jon’s parents – both veteran travel agents who used to get promotional products from El Al over the years. "My mother, originally from Tel Aviv, would take me with her to visit Israel ever since I was two weeks old," Jon recalls, "only with El Al of course. To this day, certain memories and colors of the old branding style have stuck with me and my only way to preserve them is through my fast-growing collection. The airline itself is a symbol which I consider a source of pride. Even if it's a small logo on a piece of paper, I feel a sense of satisfaction when I see it in public. It makes me proud. One of my very first items was an old window sticker that belonged to a travel agent in El Al, found by my grandmother. I believe it is the only one of its kind in the world. Based on its look, the sticker appears to be from the 50s, a year or two after El Al was founded. "

Besides the impressive El Al collection, Jon also collects airplane models and .flight safety cards, but other than that, it’s only El Al

Romi Nicole Schneider is a graphic designer and photographer, working on a collection documentation project, as a collector herself.
Visit her website or Facebook.